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Transcription is a profession, which demands a good coordination between the mind, ears and the hands. It requires a lot of accuracy in terms of listening to and understanding the dictation being given in different accents, and then transcribing it as per local standards.

Linguastic does general transcription from voice (audio) to written form in English, Hindi, Gujarati, French, German, Spanish, and other languages on special request. Audio (even video) recordings are mandatory in conferences, seminars, interviews and which are to be converted into written forms or transcribed. However, movies and films are also transcribed for various end uses.

In online transcription further processing of the text like translation of the transcribed text into a different language or sub-titling in the same or different language or even narration in a different language is possible.

What do the following all have in common?

  • marketing companies conducting focus groups
  • lawyers presenting depositions, court tapes, trial records to judiciary and clients
  • medical professionals interviewing patients and their families
  • journalists conducting interviews with personalities from all over the world

They all share one common need which is to quickly obtain an accurate transcription of their recorded audio material.


We work with difficult audio as well that includes:

  • background noise
  • cross speech
  • low-speaking voices that cannot be discerned
  • poor recording quality
  • require frequent timestamps
  • thick accents
  • verbatim with uhs, ums, stutters and false starts
  • medical or scientific terminology which require research

We perform all transcriptions using native speakers and we can also translate the material to or from English.

Drop in a mail on info@linguastic.com with your contact details for us to call you back. We can be reached on +91-9978944880.