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On-screen captions or sub-titles can be added to your e-learning Applications, AVs, Presentations, Movies, Films, Videos to reach out to a larger audience. We provide subtitling and captioning translation solutions that enable companies to make their existing audio visual programs and movies readable for global audiences without replacing the original soundtrack. Linguastic provides high quality translation subtitling, captioning, re-cueing and editing of existing subtitle files into and from English, Hindi, Gujarati, French, German, Spanish and more than 90 languages.

To create appropriate subtitles for your program, the dialogue will be carefully adapted to each language to maintain the meaning of the source content while the translator simultaneously condenses the length of the translation to ensure readability for the viewer.

Our subtitlers regularly work with all major video formats such as,

  • Movie / Documentaries
  • Video / Educational videos
  • DVD
  • Television media
  • Ad commercials
  • Corporate presentations
  • In-flight videos
  • Interactive media

We can create custom solutions to meet your requirements.

Send in a request to call back on info@linguastic.com. We are available 24×7 on +91-9978944880.