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Professional Interpreters in English, Hindi, Gujarati, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese and more than 52 languages

Our language interpreters incorporate industry specific terminologies that define interpretation for our clients. Linguastic currently has interpreters available in 52 languages, with languages being added or retired according to customer demand. Our range of interpreting services includes:

  • Technical and business interpreting : The qualifications and industrial experience of our interpreters allow you to successfully wrap up a technical meeting or finalize a sensitive deal in a foreign language.
  • Simultaneous interpreting : Our interpreters ensure that your seminar, press conference or webcast / live television broadcast will always have excellent results. Offering onsite interpretation will make your event a resounding success.
  • Phone interpreting : Without having to resort to simultaneous translating equipment, our interpreters assist you on phone via conference call, translating for you with impeccable style and dependability.

All our interpreting services are available throughout India and in the major business cities worldwide with short notice.

We work with companies, government departments, academic institutions and development agencies to meet their interpretation needs in a variety of settings where the need to deliver error-free interpretation is of the highest order.

We select the best interpreters for your particular industry even catering to special requests for legal interpreters and medical interpreters.

We are a short phone call away on +91-9978944880. An email with your contact details oninfo@linguastic.com will get us to call you back.