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Creative Writing & Content Development

Content writing is the art of developing content and write-ups in a very creative way based on the given source content, taking into consideration the outline, objectives, purpose and target audience. Creative writing and Content development is required when creating content for marketing or publishing and in all cases when the content is going to be read by several people such as press releases. Linguastic writers have more than 11 years of experience in writing activities for various domains across different languages such as English, Gujarati, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, and many more. Their writing style and skill delivers high quality content in the shortest time and at reasonable rates will be the extremely useful for you. Linguastic writers create easy to read copy and content for websites, brochures, manuals, newsletters and multimedia presentations that ensures a pleasant experience for the end users.

  • Comparison of Translation v/s Content Writing

    Content writing does not involve translation and requires the writer to create, rewrite, extrapolate and even add to the given source content. A content writer needs to have a creative temperament as opposed to the methodical disposition of a translator. Translation is a secondary process to creative writing as content development creates the source content on which the translator can work.

    Some of the areas where we regularly work on creative writing and content development are,

  • Website & Online Content Writing:

    The written content is the most important aspect of a website. We recognize that online writing is not only a vital tool for improving website traffic, but it’s also the best way to alter that traffic into revenue. Our writers are very well versed with the concepts of SEO Content Writing, Tagging, and Blog Writing which go a long way in improving a website’s search engine ranking.

  • Company Profile & Brochures Development:

    Company profile is an interactive icon of your company. It reflects the infrastructure and various valuable assets of your company. Company profile should be written by competent experienced writers only, otherwise it may lead to deterioration of your brand name. Linguastic looks after every nitty-gritty of researching, writing, and creating unique, concise professional image of your Company and its valuable services & belongings.

  • Mailers and Newsletters Writing:

    Mailers and Newsletters are designed to be an effective marketing tool. They should be clear, concise and written in such a style that they won’t land up in the client’s junk box. The main purpose of mailers and newsletters is to convey the required meaning in shortest possible way, so mammoth inventiveness and sharpness are required to device the perfect mailers and newsletters.

  • Catalogues and Manuals Writing:

    Catalogs or Catalogues are different than most advertising mediums as they explain numerous products with short descriptions. The purpose of catalogue writing is to get people to order your product directly. From sizes to colors, materials to exact specifications – the writing should have enough information to enable a buying decision. We are here to support your company with creative catalogue and technical manual writing services which will enhance your client’s experience.

  • Copy Editing:

    Linguastic offers a rich experience in copy editing services. We ensure that your document will be clear, concise, accurate and free from grammatical and textual errors. Our copy editors improve stylistic concerns such as clarity, flow, formatting; add headers, footers and headlines to achieve stylistic consistency and accuracy throughout the publication. We’ll make your manuscript ready for publication.

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