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Linguastic works with leading manufacturers to provide the expertise of ourprofessional technical translators (a network of over 700 native speaker professionals) who are selected according to the type of documentation required (legal, financial, commercial or technical) and the type of products including textiles, pharmaceuticals, computers, chemicals, fashion, foods, beverages, design and many more.

Linguastic knows that the manufacturing industry is responding to the challenge of international competition by modernizing its manufacturing processes and consolidating new businesses in foreign countries. Technical Translation allows for an exchange of products and information between professionals, engineers, designers and businesses around the world. These documents include technical user & installation manuals, sales and marketing materials, packaging, engineering schematics for construction, safety / maintenance reports for off shore drilling platforms and aviation design specifications as well as many other highly specialized and detailed records.

It is essential technical translations are accurate and appropriate terminologies are used. The translators working on your technical documents have proven expertise in engineering field combined with several years of experience.

Technical translation involves wide terminology choices and selecting the right terminology is critical. However, the terminology selection process requires the translator not only to be qualified in translation but also an expert in the specific industry.

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