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Software / IT

Today all organizations rely on information technology to do business and operate more efficiently. Localization and Internationalization of software refers to customization (and translation) of software programs and software applications for any country, especially those countries which have language, cultural and other trade barriers. Leading technology companies have chosen Linguastic as their linguistic partner to provide a complete, expert and on-time service at a competitive price in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and other European, Asian, and African languages.

Our native language translators have strong backgrounds in software localization, CMS integration, user guides, Software strings and Help files, Intranet and Website translations. This, together with our certified quality control workflows are evidence of Linguastic’s high-level of expertise and professionalism in technology environments.

Our completely integrated unit provides end to end software solutions, designed to meet the objectives set out. Linguastic software developers, programmers and GUI designers ensure total integration of back-end solution to the visual and user friendliness of the software application. In addition, Linguastic software engineers and GUI designers adapt your software applications to any language, besides providing updating and maintenance services at regular intervals.

Linguastic ensures that the software applications address the needs of clients in your target countries in their own language and through their familiar cultural sensitivities.

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