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Publishing / Media

Linguastic Multilingual Publishing Services handle a large volume of publishing every year, right from technical documents to training manuals. Multilingual publishing should convey the same message and identity as the original for the client irrespective of the language and the type setting challenges these languages have.

Linguastic multilingual publishing services have a team consisting of a creative director, art director and lay out artists who have newspaper and magazine experience. Each team handles a good quantum of pagination every week.

Print Design and Pagination

Even a perfect translation can be marred by incorrect hyphenation or disregard for international publishing standards. Working with our clients, we have established and maintain comprehensive formatting guidelines, including:

  • length restrictions
  • rules for treatment of foreign-language text expansion
  • use of hyphenation
  • treatment and placement of diagrams, graphics and call-outs
  • any icons and symbols and their treatment and placement within the layout

For multilingual documents created by your in-house staff or by third parties, we can proof final artwork for correct text placement, broken type and line breaks. We support all major software applications, including: In-design, Photoshop, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Freehand, Illustrator, PowerPoint and FrameMaker.

Linguastic Multilingual Publishing also converts single-language layout templates to multilingual templates that adhere to the latest regulatory requirements of your target markets publishing work.

Multilingual documents will have a look and feel consistent with your current materials. Our designers will suggest ways of keeping the documents as short as possible. This includes space-saving ideas such as increased use of international symbols and icons and font/paragraph formatting that maximizes the available print “real estate.”

Image scanning and retouching

Sometimes older graphics exist only on art boards. When these graphics need to be included in electronic layouts, we will scan hardcopy images and diagrams at resolutions up to 1200 dpi. Our artists will also “clean up” the scanning image, including blanking out text included in the scanned graphic, straightening lines, adjusting shading and removing imperfections.

Print management

For many companies, it makes sense to outsource the entire multilingual documentation process, including printing. In response, we establish printing specifications with the client, including paper stock, ink requirements, folding patterns, binding and print quantities. Linguastic Multilingual Publishing can also manage the entire printing and mailing process—from quotes to list selection and ordering and final mailing.

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