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Those that work within the mass market sector know that both communication and image are critical factors for the success that may be achieved in the pertinent market. Important to having a successful company image in a foreign market is one’s quality and consistency in multilingual translations. For example, the ‘simple’ translation of a product’s label requires linguistic competence, legal verification, and an attentive evaluation of the market.

The creation of a campaign is a carefully managed project, requiring internal reviews, focus groups, and management approval, as corporations are mindful of the need to deliver a consistent, strong message to their target markets. Linguastic has a long-standing history of working closely with companies needing their sales and marketing material, International Advertising, Multilingual Communication, Website, Brochures, Social Media campaigns rendered in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. We give your multilingual campaign the same attention that is given to the English campaign and we take great care to enhance the translation by incorporating the campaign’s conceptual meaning into our cultural adaptation. Clever positioning statements, advertising slogans, copy, and similar content usually cannot be translated. Rather, it needs to be rendered in each target language to deliver the same meaning, using the appropriate idioms and terminology.

Creative Writing & Translations for reaching out to NRIs and PIOs:

With a population of over 30 million non-resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin, overseas Indians are one of the largest diasporas in the world. Linguastic is a recognized authority on this market as we have hundreds of experts with specific knowledge on how to address this important market. Our marketing translation services for reaching out to NRIs and PIOs draws from years of dealing with this segment and incorporates both marketing and language expertise. No other language company has the depth of knowledge on the Overseas Indian Diaspora or has worked with more companies, non-profit entities and government agencies to help them reach this important group.

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