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Internet / Online

Having multi-lingual options of your Internet presence has become as much a requirement as having a web site for those companies that want to offer their products and services across the globe. Because the Internet has “leveled the playing field” for all companies around the world, a multi-lingual presence is like opening doors to sales in the farthest reaches of the globe. From a simple web page that has been translated to online catalogues with complete product descriptions all the way to full service ordering and product searches in the foreign language, web design translation can literally bring a small local company to the same level of sales opportunities as a Fortune 500 company.

Internet Translation

Internet has provided WAYS to revolutionize how we do business. At Linguastic, our translators provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Tagging, Social Media campaign services with interactive web design and development in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and other European, Asian, and African languages. Realizing that Search Engine Optimization needs to be the objective of web development and implementation process, analysis and optimization processes are formulated keeping your business in mind in order to make your web presence more prominent.

Online marketing and tagging are necessary for promoting your business. We provide stimulus to direct traffic towards your website to capture and create new business opportunities. Our skilled team of SEO engineers offers their expertise in both on-page optimization services like search engine friendly content, writing industry specific articles, writing press releases etc. and off-page optimization services such as Link Building, Search Engine & Directories Submission, Pay-per click management etc.

We are always committed to using only effective and ethical search engine optimization techniques bundled with our strong domain knowledge and intensive experience in website development and localization.

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