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When Linguastic translates your financial statements and contractual agreements, you can put your name on them with confidence. Our financial translators are aware of the importance of accuracy and accountability in your translated financial and compliance documents.

Financial Translation involves complex Financial Statements and Annual Reports as well as minutes from Shareholder Meetings for multi-national corporations. Companies involved in international commerce use translated letters of credit and credit reports before shipping costly goods overseas. On a smaller scale, foreigners purchasing real estate will use financial translations for property documents, sales contracts and the loan applications. In-country lenders require all the banking and financial statements submitted by the foreign buyer to be translated and certified.

The consolidation of the financial services industry and the introduction of a wide array of new products and services have created a highly competitive operating environment. Many financial service providers are introducing their new products to niche segments of the population and find that they now need to provide translated product descriptions in order to attract and retain these customers. Public companies may require that their annual reports be translated into any number of languages.

Financial statements, financial commentary for investment professionals, audit reports, merger and acquisition documentation, retirement fund information, and insurance terms and conditions are now increasingly requested in English, Hindi, Gujarati, French, Spanish, German and other languages. Companies find that providing their financial information in a local language gives them a clear competitive advantage.

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