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Linguastic enjoys a distinguished reputation as one of the few Indian firms capable of offering comprehensive and top-quality legal translations across core areas.

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When Linguastic translates your financial statements and contractual agreements, you can put your name on them with confidence. Our financial translators are aware of the importance.

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Medical / Pharma

Linguastic provides translation to pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial and research companies, medicine and pharmacology (human and veterinary), biotechnology, etc.

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Software / IT

Today all organizations rely on information technology to do business and operate more efficiently. Localization and Internationalization of software refers to translation of programs.

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Linguastic works with leading manufacturers to provide the expertise of ourprofessional technical translators, who are selected according to the type of documentation required.

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Those that work within the mass market sector know that both communication and image are critical factors for the success that may be achieved in the pertinent market.

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Internet / Online

Having multi-lingual options of your Internet presence has become as much a requirement as having a web site for those companies that want to offer their products and services across the globe.

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Publishing / Media

Linguastic Multilingual Publishing Services handle a large volume of publishing, right from technical documents to training manuals. Multilingual publishing should convey the same message.

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While many think of DVDs and videos when they hear the term multimedia / entertainment production, there are actually many more types of products that fall into this category.

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