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  • aipla.org
    AIPLA, American Intellectual Property Law Association
  • aippi.org
    AIPPI, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • cipa.org.uk
    Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
  • cncpi.fr
    Compagnie national des conseils de la propriété industrielle
  • ipic.ca
    Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
  • lesi.org
    Licensing Executive Society International
  • patentanwalt.at
    Austrian chamber of patent attorneys
  • patentanwalt.de
    German chamber of patent attorneys
  • patentepi.com
    Institute of professional representatives before the European Patent Office
  • patmg.org.uk
    The Patent and Trade Mark Group, UK
  • paton.tu-ilmenau.de
    TU Ilmenau / PATON – Patent information centre and online services
  • patperson.de
    Patent staff job agency, Germany
  • rebel
    Intellectual property seminars and training
  • spof.com
    Association of Swedish patent attorneys (SPOF)