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Ethnologue lists about 7,300 main languages in its language name index and distinguishes about 39,491 alternate language names and dialects. While Linguastic hopes to cover all these languages some day, below we have listed some of the language pairs in which we are the best with the fastest turnaround for Translation, Transcription, Content Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Subtitling, and Voiceover Services. This list is largely indicative and not exhaustive.

Language Pairs – Indian
English to Gujarati
English to Hindi
English to Marathi
English to Telugu
English to Kannada
English to Tamil
English to Malayalam
English to Bengali (Bangla)
English to Assamese
English to Oriya (Odia)
English to Nepali
English to Punjabi
English to Urdu
English to Sanskrit
Gujarati to English
Hindi to English
Marathi to English
Telugu to English
Kannada to English
Tamil to English
Malayalam to English
Bengali (Bangla) to English
Assamese to English
Oriya (Odia) to English
Nepali to English
Punjabi to English
Urdu to English
Sanskrit to English
Language Pairs – International
English to French (European & Canadian)
English to Spanish (Castilian)
English to German (Deutsch)
English to Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese)
English to Arabic (Khaliji & Maghrebi)
English to Portuguese (European & Brazilian)
English to Russian (Russkiy Yazyk)
English to Japanese (Nihongo)
English to Dutch (Nederlands)
English to Korean (Hangungmal & Chosonmal)
English to Turkish (Türkçe)
English to Pashto / Afghani / Pathan
English to Italian (Italiano)
English to Polish (Polski)
French (European & Canadian) to English
Spanish (Castilian) to English
German (Deutsch) to English
Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) to English
Arabic (Khaliji & Maghrebi) to English
Portuguese (European & Brazilian) to English
Russian (Russkiy Yazyk) to English
Japanese (Nihongo) to English
Dutch (Nederlands) to English
Korean (Hangungmal & Chosonmal) to English
Turkish (Türkçe) to English
Pashto / Afghani / Pathan to English
Italian (Italiano) to English
Polish (Polski) to English