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About Us

Our Mission

We will be a one stop agency dedicated to providing accurate and culturally sensitive Indian and international language and communication services that meet and surpass industry standards.

Our Motivation

Our translators, writers, interpreters, transcriptors, designers, voiceover artists, and language professionals are highly qualified and experienced native linguists ready to meet any challenge. Whether you deal with regional or foreign languages and cultures on a daily basis or simply have a special “one-time” need for language services let Linguastic provide you with exceptional linguistic and cross cultural advantages that will empower you to communicate confidently in any language, anywhere. Our strongest motivation is “One World“. We intend to be instrumental in making it happen.

Our Values

  • Innovation and Excellence
    “Change is the only constant. Yesterday’s success formula is often today’s obsolete dogma” Do not reinvent the wheel; draw lessons and innovate upon the experiences of experts to form pragmatic and efficient solutions.
  • Professionalism, Promptness and Perseverance
    Always aim at a long term relationship with the client. Time is of essence and timely delivery of services is pivotal to success. Work for a client up to and beyond the successful completion of a project.
  • Action Learning
    The best skills are the ones acquired by on the job experience. We constantly endeavour to enrich our learnings and skill sets by taking up new challenges and working on different projects with new ideas and provide the requirements of our clients a new perspective.
  • Value Addition
    Adding value to the process is more than just a sound business principle. It is both a common denominator and a competitive edge.
  • Cultural Sensitivity
    Work with people of different cultures. Learn to be sensitive to their way of seeing life. Adapt their work methodologies and best practices to form a superior and comfortable process.